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Pangolin FB4-MediaDock

FB3QS Media Dock


The FB3QS Media Dock & Emergency Stop System works with the FB3QS hardware, all over a single 100m CAT5e cable. This extends the limitaFon distances of USB and ILDA cabling. In addiFon to extending the range, it will also allow up to 4 x FB3QS and 1 x DMX controller, and the Interlock and E- Stop are also included. The XLR and Powercon connecFons on the FB3QS Media Dock add more stability, as well as a local point of for E-Stop control (on the front of the 19-inch rack unit). Power to the FB3QS Media Dock is fed via a Neutrik Type A Power Connector on the front, which in turn feeds the power out via Neutrik Type B Power Connectors.

This unit comes without FB3’s.

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