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DMX Control Features Tutorial Pangolin BEYOND

In this three tutorial series for the professional Pangolin BEYOND laser light software, we like to get more in depth about the DMX control features within the laser software to control laser light projectors like fixtures from a DMX lighting console.

Nathan Miller, long term Pangolin BEYOND user and known from some other great Pangolin BEYOND tutorials on our Pangolin Youtube channel again created an awesome tutorial, this time about the DMX features in BEYOND.

The BEYOND DMX tutorial series expands about three tutorials with with a different thematic focus:

  1. Pangolin BEYOND DMX Tutorial part 1 – Introduction to DMX Features
  2. Pangolin BEYOND DMX Tutorial part 2 – DMX Server Setup And Operation
  3. Pangolin BEYOND DMX Tutorial part 3 – Additional DMX Control – Parameter – PangoScript

In the “Introduction to DMX Features” you will get an quick overview and introduction helpful to understand the following tutorial parts including DMX server modes, DMX profiles and additional DMX control options:

In the “DMX Server Setup And Operation” you learn how to connect to ARTNET in BEYOND, how to choose the DMX server modes, how to access those from a lighting console:

The last part of this tutorial series is about how to use and setup custom DMX controls by using the BEYOND DMX subsystem with Artnet. The demonstration includes the use of a lighting console surface, laser preview by the Realizzer lighting and laser visualization software  and the powerful BEYOND tools like the “Classic, LD2000 style Abstract editor“, “DMX Image editor“, “DMX to PangoScript settings“, “PangoScript editor” and “QuickDMX Tools“:

Also check out our other tutorials and valuable information in our “Pangolin educational” section.

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Gareth Emery Saving Light Tour With Laser Show Laserface

DJ Gareth Emery´s Saving Light tour has been accompanied with an amazing laser spectacle at Terminal 5 in New York, NY.

Anthony Garcia, one of the youngest laser technicians in the field who joined Team Emery, created a laser light show that has been in the works for over a year and is ALL ABOUT THE LASERS!

He used a huge amount of laser projectors and kept it under control by the professional laser light control software Pangolin BEYOND.

With this extensive ILDA Software he got the tools to create a laser show with music and production in sync, so the end result fulfilled all sensory needs at the audience.

See his trailer here:


See his full laserface set from New York on Saturday:

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